Tear down of old Skillman apartments underway


The defunct Toscana apartments at 6800 Skillman have stood abandoned for a couple of years now.

The site has been used for some police and SWAT training. And the property owner, Prescott Realty,  released plans for a replacement project.

The new construction, as we reported in May, will look like this:

… four-story, 665-unit apartment project with structured parking to a three-story, 365-unit apartment project with surface and tuck-under garage parking. Combined, nine structures will have a rentable residential floor area of approximately 295,000 square feet and approximately 10,000 square feet of clubhouse use …

We now are seeing significant movement at the site, and yesterday a bulldozer plowed one of the old buildings.

Before long, the old Toscana will be completely razed. The developers expect residents of the new building to include “young professionals, new singles and empty nesters,” according to promotional materials.


Source: Prescott Realty Group

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  • BG

    What happen to Villas and upper town homes? Defeats the whole purpose
    of why they demolished them in the first place.

    What a joke.

  • brent

    Ahh Ok. It’s cutting back closer to Skillman now, essentially right behind the new apartments and the existing ones further north. That makes good sense. Now, what will come first: A grocery store opening at LHTC or the trail connection?

    I had the refresh my memory about this project as the pull-quote above is confusing without the full context. The plan was 665 apts and 4 stories. It’s now 365 and 3 stories even though that’s not entirely reflected in the sketch.

  • stuart

    Absolutely. The latest routing seems to put the trail right along the property line.

  • brent

    They exterior design makes them look expensive. I wonder if they’ll have any direct access to the eventual placement of the Lake Highlands Trail. That would give it a connection to the White Rock Trail and the LHTC.

  • Wilson!

    Woo hoo! It’s about time!

    Seriously though, how long to the “oh noes, more apartments in LH!” comments start?