Revised plans for Lake Highlands’ Toscana apartment project

The defunct Toscana apartments still stand at  6800 Skillman, but a new project is in the works.
The defunct Toscana apartments still stand at 6800 Skillman, but a new project is in the works.

By all appearances, Prescott’s proposed changes for the Toscana project will be good for the neighborhood.

The former Toscana apartment complex, located on the northeast corner of Skillman and Merriman Parkway, will soon be demolished to make way for a new residential multifamily development, which, according to Dallas Department of Development documents, will comprise three stories and 365 units.

We already knew that the old Toscana apartments would be replaced with new ones — but originally the new build was going to include four stories and 665 units, which is way denser than what we are looking at now.

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In case you weren't sure, this is what tuck-under parking is (note: this stock photo has no relation to the project—just a random example of tuck-under parking).
In case you weren’t sure, this is what tuck-under parking is (note: this stock photo has no relation to the project—just a random example of tuck-under parking).

A representative from Prescott Realty filed a rezoning application May 10 to change the previously approved four-story, 665-unit apartment project with structured parking to a three-story, 365-unit apartment project with surface and tuck-under garage parking. Combined, nine structures will have a “rentable residential floor area of approximately 295,000 square feet and approximately 10,000 square feet of clubhouse use,” according to the filing.

It’s still going to be denser than the original complex, which contained 270 units, but these will be way more attractive, that is if you believe the marketing copy points: we’re talking “… high-quality brick masonry, upscale amenities, private club houses/courtyards/pools and lush parkway landscaping …”

The project appears to be morphing from what is described on the afore-linked website, however it is safe to assume, I believe, that the property, when Prescott completes construction, will be far more appealing than what we are accustomed to seeing at this site.

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This development is just south of the Lake Highlands Town Center. Prescott Realty is developing both projects.

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  • BG

    What a joke…. Defeats the whole purpose.

  • LCM

    Peggy – do you think a townhouse project could pre-sale 50%? Based on the demand for new homes, I think they would if marketed smartly but I am not a real estate professional – just curious your opinion. Wondering if you and the other prominent LH real estate agents could meet with Prescott and pitch this idea based on what you know about the hot new build market here. They would be zoned WRE which is a huge selling point for those who can’t afford the crazy house prices in that school area.

  • Donkey lover

    More Minorities and Poor people!Ugh

  • Wilson!

    You do realize, I hope, that the vast majority of residential space at the Town Center is (and always was planned to be) apartments, right? So what you’re demanding is for Prescott to stop building more apartments, and start building more apartments!

  • NinaJ

    Same old story and same old broken promises…..When will LH ever learn that we are far too easily bamboozled by folks like Prescott and our city councilman….More HUD, more low rentals, and in 30 years we will be in the same position of having rundown apartment complexes that someone will promise to “FIX”….And the only fix LH will ever get is one that is good for the developers and politicians!!! WAKE UP LH and get involved in the community!!!

  • bmitchell

    I agree–who is this Prescott and what can we do? More apartments, more Title Loan CAsh Payday stores.

  • LHmom987675

    I don’t know about selling condos in LH given the history but zero lot line high end townhouses would go like hotcakes. Townhouses are still very very hard to find in Dallas especially if you have off-street parking concerns & don’t want to pay exorbitant HOA dues or need a small yard/patio for a pooch. Lots of singles able to buy who don’t want to rent, but don’t want the hassle of a house and just want to lock up and go.

  • Peggy Rucker Hill

    I could sell townhouses at LHTC, and even very nice larger condos. However, financing for that type product is very hard to get because you need 50% of the units pre-sold! Financing is easy to get for rental units right now. Once those rental units are planned, who is going to want to buy a $200,000 – $300,000 townhouse there?
    No one!

  • LCM

    While I really appreciate their interest in LH, Prescott needs to stop building apartments that there is ZERO demand for — how about some townhomes that people might actually be interested in buying!! New homes are the only thing in demand here – big demand – why don’t they get a clue??

  • Stay tuned – I have a post coming soon about progress at the LHTC. Spoiler and warning: it too only involves apartments/multifamily units.

  • TMC

    How about Prescott stops building more apartments and starts building the Lake Highlands Town Center? This is getting ridiculous!