Skillman/LBJ Tom Thumb set for major renovation

001aThe Tom Thumb grocery store at LBJ and Skillman will undergo major remodeling beginning first thing Monday. The transformation should be completed by the end of July and will bring a sit-down Starbucks to the store.

“It’s going to change the appearance big-time,” said Tyla Caldwell, the store’s Assistant Manager. “We’re all very excited about it.

“We know that many of our good customers are shopping elsewhere, especially on weekends, and we understand. If you’re paying the same money for groceries, you might as well have an enjoyable shopping experience.”

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For now, multiple large green storage pods can be seen in the parking lot.

“It’s going to be very nice. We’re moving some things – like the cash office – to make them more convenient. Our customers are going to love it.”

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  • I agree with @LALA’s observance that no grocery store parking lot is entirely safe. I remember when the preston hollow women was mugged at whole foods in Preston Hollow. (I mainly recall that they took a 20 or 30-some carat diamond!). Both the Tom Thumb and Kroger (Forest) have security patrol (off-duty police, I’ve been told) at all or most times. They are always there when I go, and I go to both stores regularly, and I have never felt unsafe at either. I do like Kroger’s selection of organic and vegetarian foods a little more; I wish Tom Thumb would put a little more focus in that area.

  • Bob Dobalina

    Last time I went in their there was a group of Apartment Kids playing tag in the aisles with no parents within sight. That was the last time I bothered going there. It is surely a welcome sign, however the low occupancy rate at that site makes it a ghost town.

  • Wildcat

    I heard from a Skillman employee that the SKillman/Abrams store is closing.

  • LALA

    In terms of feeling safe, I’d rather shop at this Tom Thumb than at the Kroger on Forest. And remember there was a parking lot robbery at Whole Foods on Preston last year. So no where is perfectly safe – just always be aware of your surroundings.

  • wlubake

    My thoughts exactly. This is usually coupled with an extension under the lease and new tenant finish out money from the landlord. That makes Tom Thumb a very unlikely candidate for the LHTC.

  • mtorian

    Ditto. But, the investment is very much appreciated.

  • KTM58

    Sadly, it’s not the store interior that’s the problem for me. I’d rather not be robbed in the parking lot. But, thank you for sprucing up our neighborhood regardless!

  • LH since 1981

    This should squelch any further rumors of a Tom Thumb consolidation at the Lake Highlands Town Center. Wonder if there are plans to remodel the Skillman/Abrams Tom Thumb as well???