Skillman/Abrams Tom Thumb to close

skillman and abramsThe Tom Thumb store located at Skillman and Abrams will close its doors June 1st. Management announced their plans to employees this week, with promises to attempt to place them in jobs at other stores in the area. Multiple nearby Tom Thumb locations abound, including LBJ/Skillman, Greenville/Lovers, Central/Meadow and Hillcrest/Northwest Highway.

Speculation about a new Tom Thumb moving in to the Town Center has died down in recent weeks, with Prescott Realty apparently favoring a smaller, boutique-style grocer and LH residents voicing overwhelming agreement.

The Tom Thumb store in question, referred to at my house as “the Jake’s Tom Thumb”, began its life as a Simon-David store, Tom Thumb’s premium, gourmet market. The upscale version carried specialty items and featured an upstairs community meeting room popular with PTA moms, bible studies and civic groups. The upstairs was closed to the public when Simon-David became Tom Thumb.

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Trivia question of the day: Did you know the store has an underground parking garage beneath it?

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The employees I spoke with admit to being nervous about their jobs.

“I hate seeing this store close,” said one who wouldn’t let me use her name. “We know all the customers – we see the same people coming in all the time. This is a great store.”

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  • Sooner John

    I live very nearby and do almost all my grocery shopping at this store, so I’m very disappointed to hear this. Of course I’m not surprised, because one of the things I have always liked about the store is that I can always park up close and get in/out easily. Thinking about it from that perspective, it’s surprising it’s stayed open this long…

  • stuart

    I wish I could disagree but really the only reasons I shopped there were the bike rack in front and the clearance rack in the back.

    Let’s all hope for a Sprouts!

  • stuart

    I wish I could disagree but really the only reasons I shopped there were the bike rack in front and the clearance rack in the back.

    Let’s all hope for a Sprouts!

  • stuart

    I wish I could disagree but really the only reasons I shopped there were the bike rack in front and the clearance rack in the back.

    Let’s all hope for a Sprouts!

  • Heather V

    This store at Skillman/Abrams deserves to be closed. The parking lot and area feels unsafe, especially at night (even 7pm); the lack of cashiers is inexcusable; being hounded for donations make for an unpleasant shopping experience; and the cashier presumptively (incorrectly) calling you “Mrs. So and So” is annoying–not everyone in the same household has the same last name anymore; and the store was always a ghost town. I finally quit shopping here a few months ago after being hit up for money IN the store by a scary man in dirty clothes. That was the last straw. I have a lot of compassion, but it is just a scary situation for a woman alone to be approached for money.

  • stuart

    Sprouts would certainly be a good fit. They like existing buildings. Now that there is a Sprouts 5 miles away on Henderson, I’m not sure.

  • stuart

    Sprouts would certainly be a good fit. They like existing buildings. Now that there is a Sprouts 5 miles away on Henderson, I’m not sure.

  • Hopeful

    Maybe they’ll put in a sprouts or a trader joes…
    It’s somewhat dire to the homeowners that something upscale moves in.
    Then again …
    That area has become so junky with rent-a-furniture, pawn shop, check cashing, and liquor stores.
    At least those parking lot liquor store parties/BBQ’s no longer congregate, that was frightening on the weekends.

  • Don Lee

    Well–just when I had learned where everything is!! Hope they do not make any changes in the Pharmacy at the Skillman/LBJ store. Jim and Julie are the best pharmacists in Dallas!!

  • BRush

    This has been my family’s Tom Thumb for years! I have always gotten to know and liked so many of the managers and employees. They have always been professional and helpful. I have no idea where I will start grocery shopping now come June.

  • mikeyancey

    Possibly because you could fire a cannon down any aisle on most days and not harm a single person.

    But principally because the grocery market has bifurcated into either the ‘warehouse & supercenters’ (i.e. SuperTarget / Walmart) or ‘alternative or specialty’ (Sprouts, Whole Foods, Aldi, or ethnic – Carnival, etc.), and there’s not much of a place any more for the traditional food ‘super-market’.

    They also don’t help their case when, today, $100 of groceries bought at Walmart cost about $130 at Tom Thumb (our family benchmark).

    I love the place, as is mentioned before – staff is helpful, wine selections are good – I hate that stupid online-coupon thing – just lower your frickin’ prices already; why make me waste my time poking through a list for ‘safeway brand 7.2 oz peaches’ for a 25 cent discount.

    This is, BTW, the 2nd time Safeway has been in the Dallas market. They closed all their old Safeway stores back in the late 80s/early 90s (?) and exited this market. They’ve bought BACK in (1999) and will probably ruin the great Tom Thumb (Randalls) brand.

  • I suspect you will find a TT opening in town center even though “talk” has died down. They do good business in there.

  • I am so sad to hear this Tom Thumb is closing. This is *my* local grocery store. They have a great wine selection, the staff is friendly and professional, they always had what I needed and are close to home. I always felt safe there- good security presence. I love this store and will be so sad to see it go. 🙁

  • Ellen Raff

    I have been surprised (and happy) it stayed open this long, with the super Target across the street. My favorite thing about the store is that sometimes you can grab a parking spot right outside the door for a quick run inside. This isn’t possible at super Target or even at Fiesta. We lost our T-Thumb at Forest/Abrams when Kroger opened, and now we are losing Skillman/Abrams — very sad.

  • Gordon

    Wilson, KT’s comment just illustrates what a down-home, local atmosphere one finds in this Tom Thumb.

  • Gordon

    At my house that store is referred to as “Our Tom Thumb.” I really hate to hear of this closing.

  • You beat me to the Ha! Stopped by on my way home, to prove myself right of course. And there I was – wrong! I will never doubt you again!!!

  • Carol Toler

    Haha, no April Fool’s joke here, Nigel. Take a spin around the parking lot and behind the building (kinda behind the old bike store) and you’ll find the ramp down to the spacious (and mostly empty) parking garage. There’s a separate ramp up and out. Learn something new every day…

  • Carol,

    Sad to hear about Tom Thumb closing. We live less than a mile away and shop there
    all the time.

    I suspect your story was supposed to run on April 1st? That would explain the bit about underground parking. Parking’s not much use if there’s no ramp to it! In reality I suspect the floor is constructed over a crawlspace and not a parking garage.

    Thanks for the story.

  • the article didn’t state why that tom thumb is closing or did i miss it?

  • Wilson!

    You do realize Tom Thumb is a “national chain” don’t you? Safeway is the second-largest supermarket chain in N. America…

  • Jennie12

    The produce at this store was severely lacking. I have been going to Fiesta for years now for quick produce trips and good ripe avocados and tomatoes or driving down to the Farmers Market. The last time I was in this Tom Thumb, they were out of cabbage, for crying out loud. Unfortunately, it will leave another retail hole in LH and thinking about what might replace it, makes me nervous….. Hopefully it won’t stay empty for a decade.

  • JT

    Very disappointing. I love the staff at this store. They always provide friendly service that you can’t find at the big box stores.

  • KT

    I would have far preferred they close the one more to the north, but suspect that landlord, having recently updated the shopping center, wasn’t going to let that happen. The store employees at the “Jake’s” location are so friendly and helpful, and the pharmacy will be a huge loss to many of us. I just don’t feel like I will ever get the level personal service at one of the national chains that I’ve had at this Tom Thumb pharmacy. But there’s a lot of competition down here with Fiesta, Target-2, Walmart and Sam’s all within a mile. I hope a Kroger Signature moves in. We’ll see.

  • Cmwhite

    Wow! Did Tom Thumb talk to shoppers in LH? I am disappointed!