Food-truck fest set for June 16 at Lake Highlands Town Center

Food trucks will converge on Lake Highlands Town Center Saturday, June 16.

The newly formed Lake Highlands Branding Committee is off to a good start, because people these days are totally into food trucks and food-truck events — like the one at Valley View earlier this month, that attracted crowds from all over the city.

This particular food-truck rally, LH StrEATS, is set for June 16 from 6 – 9 p.m. at the Lake Highlands Town Center (Walnut Hill and Skillman) and will be $5 at the entrance. Proceeds will go toward future Lake Highlands Branding Committee initiatives, which will be rolled out through 2012 and 2013.

 The Lake Highlands Branding Committee, made up of reps from Lake Highlands Public Improvement District (PID), Lake Highlands Tax Increment Financing Committee (TIF), Lake Highlands Exchange Club, Lake Highlands Women’s LeagueLake Highlands Junior Women’s League, Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA  and the Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association, aims to “have Lake Highlands united under one brand.”

The group began meeting in 2011 to kick off the branding initiative and has engaged with a marketing and branding firm to ensure the branding process is effectively implemented, according to a news release.

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Here’s what the branding committee has done so far:

“In 2011, the LHBC commissioned a research initiative to survey Lake Highlands’ residents and businesses where more than 1,000 residents and 100 businesses gave responses. From those results, the LHBC has learned more about the opportunities and challenges Lake Highlands faces as it begins to identify itself as a neighborhood under one brand.”

“To have Lake Highlands united under one brand has been a dream of many in our great neighborhood,” Robin Moss Norcross, co-chair for the Lake Highlands Branding Committee says.

Adds co-chair Ginger Greenberg, “We are so excited to host this event to further the branding initiative and hope to see many more like it in the Town Center. Lake Highlands is a neighborhood that likes to support our neighbors and we know this rally will be a great way to bring everyone together.”

This will be a don’t miss eating extravaganza. Below is a list of the trucks you can expect to see at LH StrEATS:

Gandolfo’s NY Deli

The Butchers Son

Easy Slider

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Nammi Truck


Jo Dawgs


Good Karma Kitchen

So-Cal Taco’s

Rockstar Bake Shop

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  • LSC

    What a great event! 
    Thanks for all who made it happen!

  • James

    I hope people are coming out to this. I saw hardly any publicity on the event, which is unfortunate.

  • LH’s is THE Best City

    What are the latest plans for the LHTC?  Where are the updates posted?  We think the best idea is to leave it an open space with walking trails, ampitheatre and lots more vegetation!

  • Wilson!

    Not sure about organized music, but  if some LHHS band members I know have their way, there will at least be buskers

  • LHResident

    Anybody know if there is going to be music?  Can I bring a margarita to go with my taco?  Let’s just make a party out of it.  

  • Jason

    I’m happy to at least have something going on at the LHTC while we wait for the thing to be built.  The more events the better.  Anything is better than a vacant lot. 

    And since I missed the food truck thing at Valley View, I’m really looking forward to this one.  We need to get the next one lined up with Oktoberfest!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds great. I hope the list of trucks is subject to expansion, though.

  • stuart

    Obviously plenty of people enjoy these events and I hope LHBC raises lots of money. However, aren’t I entitled to my own opinion?

  • Jswilson64g

    How can you hear or smell anything with your head buried so far in the sand?

  • Djd Blessings

    I love the idea of enjoying an evening out and not have to cook.  Too bad some of our local food establishments could not set up camp and have some tastings of their own.

  • stuart

    I’m supposed to pay $5 for the privilege of buying overpriced food from noisy, smelly trucks while baking in the hot sun?  No thanks.

  • Triple Wildcat

    Anything that draws a festive crowd to the Town Center is a good thing until more permanent solutions arrive. You never know who might be paying attention.

    So many of our LH events are known only in LH and focused on LH residents. That’s not always a bad thing, but we have to show the rest of the area that LH is a vibrant community that likes to get out and spend a couple of bucks.

    And with the right attractions, that we can draw people from other areas into Lake Highlands for shopping and entertainment. That’s the key to getting something done at the Town Center because the greater LH neighborhood by itself apparently doesn’t have the density and demographics to get a major shopping and entertainment project built. We have to get people comfortable with the idea that LH is a shopping and dining destination, even if they don’t live there.

    And an LH Branding Committee is a much-needed entity. A sort of “Lake Highlands Chamber of Commerce” is an excellent tool to attract the kind of retail and restaurants we all desperately crave. “Shop Lake Highlands” is a good idea, but we have to “sell” Lake Highlands, too!

  • I also think it is important to note that this event is rooted in an initiative (the branding thing) to make Lake Highlands more attractive to businesses and potential town center tenants. So, at least this group is making an effort to do something about the disappointing lack of progress at the LHTC. Plus, the food truck rally will be fun while we wait!  

  • We hope to make this at least a quarterly event. Thanks, Christina, for helping us spread the word! 

  • So the only news coming out of Town Center is its being used as a food-truck venue?

    I live across the street.  I want more movement on this property than a one-time event.