Olivella’s opens Monday at Mockingbird-Abrams

Olivella’s at Hillside Village, Mockingbird and Abrams, opens Monday at lunch time.

The new pizzeria brought to us by Charlie Green, owner of Neo’s pizza in Victory Park and another Olivella’s near SMU, had a friends-and-family preview Sunday.

The menu includes sandwiches and salads, but we just sampled the pizzas. Neapolitan-style and cooked in a wood fire oven, they lived up to the Olivella’s reputation—USA Today named it one of the 50 great pizzas in America, Zagat called it “The First Real Pizza in Dallas” and Rachel Ray called it the most delicious pizza you’ll ever eat and put it in the top 64 in the U.S.

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Perhaps the best of the bunch I tasted was the mozzarella, mushroom and truffle oil pie. (I had to ask what made it so heavenly. Truffle oil was the answer.)

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Mint and prosciutto and big ripe tomatoes are just a few of the ingredients that made for outstanding, complex flavors. Looks like they have a nice wine list as well.

Green has made extensive updates since Pizzaria Venti occupied the space, most ostensibly to the patio. The remodeled outdoor area will hold 40-50 guests, he tells us. As of Sunday, there were not yet tables out there, so diners may have to wait for al fresco seating.

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  • Pf341

    We ate dinner there Sunday April 29. It was our first time there and will be our last. Service was terrible they were out of alot of items and they  are way overpriced. An example of one  item they were oput of were Kids menus. The waitress was nice enough to try to tell us what was on it but failed to tell us that each “Kids” cheese pizza we ordered was really a large pizza  at 14.00 dollars a piece. So we were stuck with 3 large pizzas for a 6, 8, and 10 year old. Needless to say they lost my business    

  • Anonymous

    Lunch today.  Service annoying.  Three deliveries during lunch with hand truck past customers eating at tables.  No back or side door.  Called owner about this and was told not to come back.  Not a problem.  Service business, really?  Interesting attitude.