Trader Joe’s picks Lakewood for first Dallas store

You can read about it on our Lakewood/East Dallas news site: Trader Joe’s has selected the old Arcadia Theater location on Lower Greenville for its first Dallas store. A Trader Joe’s spokesperson was quoted in the DMN (behind the paywall) as saying about the new location, expected to open in late 2012: “Lower Greenville is a wonderful neighborhood and has a lot of foodies.” By way of location, the Trader Joe’s will be just south of the former Whole Foods/Blockbuster location on Greenville and on the opposite side of the street.

What does this mean for the Lake Highlands Town Center?

Well, the Trader Joe’s on Lower Greenville will be about 15,000 square feet and include both groceries and wine. By way of comparison, the size of the LHTC grocer — at least the size in some of the documents filed with HUD by the city to obtain a loan for a LHTC parking garage — was projected to be about 57,000 square feet, clearly much larger than Trader Joe’s typical footprint.

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As we’ve talked about here several times during the past year, Trader Joe’s was never a likely candidate for the LHTC, at least in the site’s first iteration of tenants, since it’s too small to anchor the huge site and because it typically locates in more filled-in urban locations — something that, for better or worse, the LHTC is not. For additional background about how national retailers select their sites, check out our January 2011 cover story that discussed the selection process with a number of national chains, including Trader Joe’s, H&M and In-N-Out — all of whom have announced or opened stores here in 2011.

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You can check out the lively discussion about a prospective LHTC grocer, HUD loan, parking garage and more elsewhere here on our Lake Highlands news site.

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  • Ellen Raff

    thanks for that link, very helpful

  • Answers to a lot of those Trader Joe’s questions on our Lakewood blog:

  • lh_newbie

    Thanks for doing the leg work – guess the old WF space wasn’t as large as I was thinking (darn my aging memory).

  • I had to look back in our archives to find the answer, but it appears the original Whole Foods on Greenville was about 20,000 square feet ( The new one on Gaston is about 50,000 square feet. And as a refresher, the Trader Joe’s will be about 15,000 square feet.

  • lh_newbie

    TJ’s will only be building 15K sq ft.  Wasn’t that WF location MUCH larger than that?

  • Ellen Raff

    To answer Jason’s question with “hearsay” — I have heard that Whole Foods considers Trader Joe’s a major competitor, and they have some control (through ownership?) of who gets to use their lower Greenville building next. Some business decisions are still personal, I guess.

  • Triple Wildcat, Lower Greenville definitely isn’t Lakewood proper, but we deliver the magazine to that area so it winds up in the Lakewood/East Dallas window that we use.

  • Triple Wildcat

    I’ve never considered Lower Greenville to be Lakewood, but whatevs.

  • lh, you are correct: The Trader Joe’s is going exactly where the food-truck park was scheduled. But the developer says a smaller-scale food-truck park will still be built. Here’s a link to Jeff’s post today that mentions that issue, among others:

  • lh_newbie

    Maybe I’m mixing up my intersections, but I thought this was going to be where some sort of airstream based food “truck” style park was going.  Is that plan scrapped in favor of Trader Joes – or do I have my location wrong?

  • Good question, Jason. Jeff is working on a blog post for tomorrow, hopefully, discussing these and a few other questions. I could speculate here, but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to see what Jeff comes up with after talking with some neighborhood real estate people.

  • Jason

    I’m curious why they would build a new building when the old Whole Foods is sitting empty across the street?  And where is the parking for TJ’s going to be?

  • Anonymous

    So happy that Trader Joes will be coming to North East Dallas! The closest Trader Joes that I shop is in Santa Fe, NM so I am thrilled. Wonderful cheeses, great simmering sauces, salad dressings, wine prices the best, and hundreds of items for quick entertaining.Their buyers shop the world to select the most popular items….Yippee, Trader Joes is coming!