The center of LH

I often hear advertisers marketing their business or service as being located “in the heart of Lake Highlands,” but lately I’ve been wondering. Exactly where is “the center of LH?” Is it a geographic point on the map, a general area of reference or just a state of mind?

When I lived near Forest Lane and Greenville Avenue, I thought of the epicenter as somewhere along Abrams Road between Forest and Royal. My kids went to Forest Meadow Junior High, I shopped at that Tom Thumb (now a CVS and Auto Zone), I stopped in for Starbucks whenever my girls were taking dance at Dallas Ballet Center and – because I have a diabetic child – I spent lots of time (and money) at the Abrams/Royal Walgreens.

Today I live nearer Skillman and Church. Mi Cocina literally means My Kitchen, since that’s where most of my meals originate, and SuperTarget has everything I need from toothpaste to a new swimsuit to extra long sheets for my son’s OU dorm room. Up and down Skillman feels like my center.

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On the other hand, I’m on a fitness kick. Perhaps the hours I spend circling White Rock Lake make that my center. Maybe my membership at Lake Highlands United Methodist Church or my love of Tony’s Pizza or the thrill of finding a bargain at Tuesday Morning indicate the Center of Lake Highlands is nearer to Northwest Highway. And, of course, the brisket tacos and cole slaw (with juicy mandarin oranges) at Highlands Café scream that Walnut Hill and Audelia is a bulls-eye at the center of LH.

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Perhaps you have an opinion. Pretend I’m a tourist or a foreign exchange student. Pardon me, sir/madam, can you tell me where I can find the Center of Lake Highlands?

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  • Alan Green

    The center of Lake Highlands is LHHS Football Stadium.

  • cbs

    Based on the above…it looks like your house may just be the center!

  • Jim Jones

    To parphrase Bill Clinton, “It’s the High School, stupid!” Perhaps one day the center will shift a bit south to the town center development, but the high school has been the real “town center” for my 15+ years here.

  • Keith Whitmire

    The center of Lake Highlands is Walnut Hill (formerly Kingsley) and Audelia. No doubt about it.

    At one time Kingsley and Audelia was where everything happened in Lake Highlands. You could have all your retail and restaurant needs met at that one intersection, plus shop at the annual Highlandette Bazaar.

    Today, the current state of Walnut Hill and Audelia reflects nearly all the issues of modern-day Lake Highlands. You can find the good and the bad about the neighborhood in that one spot and be able to diagnose our problems and potential.

    That was the area of the most hustle and bustle when neighborhood retail was thriving. Ferndale and Northwest Highway was a close second, although it bordered Old Lake Highlands (Bryan Adams attendance zone) so it wasn’t geographically centered in what we now call Lake Highlands (LHHS attendance zone).

    Today, the center of Lake Highlands is probably the Mi Cocina/Picasso’s/LA Fitness center. And one day, hopefully, the Town Center across from it. Traffic flow from Skillman and, eventually, DART are the big draws for retailers there. Walnut Hill/Audelia doesn’t benefit from high volume traffic, so if that intersection ever thrives again, it’s because the neighborhood is thriving along with it.