Body found in White Rock Lake

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A woman’s body was pulled from White Rock Lake near the 4500 block of W. Lawther sometime around 7 a.m. Saturday.

It was about 7:45 a.m. when my running group passed the scene. Obviously something serious was going down — yellow crime tape; several police and emergency vehicles on site; and divers in the water. Some runners hanging around the scene told us the police had just retrieved a body.

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The police report doesn’t tell us much, except that a passerby spotted and reported the body of the unidentified 70-year-old white female sometime around 6:30 this morning. We’ll bring you updates as they develop.

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  • lee

    Chris, so you say you bike the trails at night ? Really ? Without a light ? The largest bicyclist group in the metroplex – the Greater Dallas Bicyclist Club – are on the Task Force, they have been at every meeting, and voted with the majority against lighting all 10 miles or trails. Because they already have lights on their bikes. LIke you should to enhance your visibility.

    As to the FTOTL representative – they walk the trail at night. As does the representatives of the neighborhoods, etc. So they know about as much as the trail at night as anybody, even bicyclists, such as yourself.

    Bicyclists are one of the largest users of the trails at night. And most of them know enough to have lights on their bikes. Like the law requires. Get a light for your bike, so you can see where you’re going. . . .and we can see you . . .when you’re on your bike all those nights on the trail.

  • lake lover

    Agree. Using this tragedy to push for more lights on West Lawther was pretty lame. If you ride your bike at night Chris, get a light for it. It’s the law. And as to FTLOTL keeping the shoreline clean, you’re welcome.

  • Jackson Point

    As to the family of the deceased, condolences indeed. A death and a dead body are not good jumping off points for discussing trail lighting. So Chris is out of line on using this to advocate lighting up West Lawther – by jumping to conclusions. And as a biker, he/she ought to know that state law requires bicyclists to wear lights at night – on the trail as well as the road. No group does more for the lake than FTLOTL, so shame on anyone that belittles them. No one uses the lake more than the sailor and rowers and no one uses the trails more than the bicyclists. All of whom are represented on the Lighting Task Force. As to safety, the Park Department has no records of accidents on the trail at night – they happen, but most of them aren’t worth reporting – and could be easily avoided with a flashlight or bike light – you know, common sense.

  • chiptex

    Under no plan proposed would any lights be left on past curfew, which the Task Force wants reduced to 11 PM. So finding one body dumped at the lake in the morning -possibly from somewhere else – is hardly an argument for installing more lights along West Lawther – or anywhere else. Except where they are warranted by specific usage – such as parking lots that are heavily used at night – such as the Dog Park, Winfrey Point, the boat clubs.

    The revised plan should be based on statistics, not one or two tragic events- such as the crime stats posted on this site –

    Which show very little crime at night, particularly along W. Lawther.

    The Lighting Task Force consists of the lake’s major stake-holders-

    White Rock Neighborhood Association – West Lawther
    Peninsula Neighborhood Association – Bath House
    Greater Dallas Bicyclist Club
    For the Love of the Lake
    Corinthian Sailing Club
    White Rock Boathouse – (rowing)

    All of whom are mindful of safety. Which is why they do not want to encourage a false sense of security -with lights – when the trails are not routinely patrolled at night by the Bike Patrol. The majority of the stake-holders voted last Thursday to remove the W Lawther light poles and plan no more light poles around the shoreline and nature trail.

  • huh?

    chris, are you on the conclusion-jumping team, or what? Where was it mentioned that the crime (if there was one) occurred overnight? And how do you know that lights could’ve helped this poor woman?

  • Bateman

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    His opponent in the May election – Don Sanders – is supported by hundreds now – in a short time – will be thousands – KICK OFF for Don’s campaign at Bill Blaydes HOME – with Ida Deats as Co HOST –