Aldi comes to Lake Highlands

Aldi, a German-owned no-frills grocery chain will open a store in the Lake Highlands area, at Forest and Audelia in the former Albertson’s spot, according to a piece in the Morning News’ business section today. I think you might need to grab the paper to see the entire list that includes the corporation’s 20-plus new Dallas-Fort Worth area locations. I don’t see it in the web version of the story.

Thanks to Back Talk reader M.G. Visser for the tip. As the reader notes, the location isn’t in the proudest section of our neighborhood at the moment,  but in this economic climate —well, I’ll speak for myself — I welcome a nearby spot where I can stretch my cash. Let’s just hope they do a better job of keeping things tidy than our soon-to-be-closing Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, and that it is less of a hassle than going to the big box store. From the looks of it, Aldi operates limited-assortment discount stores about the size of your average Walgreens. 

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  • Spotlight

    The Dallas Police track the 25 most violent areas in the city. Forest/Audelia is currently #6.

    #2 is Five Points. Neither of these high crime areas are within what is considered Lake Highlands.

    Good luck to Aldi but I predict they will be shoplifted and robbed out of business.

  • Suzanne

    I think it is important to note that there are individuals who live in homes in Lake Highlands North of LBJ and would very much appreciate positive economic development in the form of such stores as ALDI.

    I also expect that if there were to be a Lake Highlands Chamber of Commerce its efforts would work toward finding opportunities for ALL residents in the Lake Highlands area.

    And while it is true that dd’s is obviously not a Nordstrom’s the fact of the matter is that the store is kept clean, it fills an empty void that might otherwise be filled with more convenience-type stores and it is an opportunity for people to have jobs.

    I greatly appreciate the opportunity to find great deals in my own backyard and look forward to ALDI being a part of our neighborhood.

  • Linda

    I live North of LBJ off Audelia and it is unfortunate that Forest & Audelia has earned a bad reputation. It is also, in my opinion, unfortunate that stores like DD’s Discounts and Aldi Discount Grocery will do nothing to help improve conditions. Aldi accepts ONLY Cash, Food Stamps, and Debit Cards! DD’s has been marketed as “targeted to lower-income households.” I assume they will be used by apartment dwellers only and that residents of the lovely middle-class home pockets nearby will continue to shop elsewhere. Gone are the days when I would walk to Albertson’s to pick up a few groceries.

  • Mark

    Hey folks, don’t forget there are very nice neighborhoods and neighbors who are residents of Lake Highlands that live north of LBJ. The intersection of Forest and Audelia has its problems, but we will certainly welcome and support the Aldi chain when it arrives. And for those who doubt the security of our area, I don’t find it any better on the south side of LBJ.

  • Triple Wildcat

    This is why we need a Lake Highlands Chamber of Commerce – even if it’s just one person – to direct businesses like Aldi’s to better opportunities in Lake Highlands.

    The soon-to-be former Wal-Mart Neighborhood grocery would be a much, much better spot for a store like Aldi. Not to mention, why would you want to open a discount grocery so close to the new Wal-Mart, the King Kong of discount grocers?

    I don’t know why people are expecting another grocery store to replace the Wal-Mart at Walnut Hill-Audelia. From the looks of that shopping center, it’s just as likely that space will remain empty. There’s a petition circulating to try to get Sprouts to come there – keep dreaming.

    If anything goes in that space, my prediction is a Big Lots.

  • Jennifer

    Ditto on that LH ALDI location…the money I save will be taken from me in the parking lot!

  • rarepair

    And is there any news on the Audelia/Walnut Hill location? Does anyone have a clue what we may next get on our corner? Will we EVER get good, appealing retail there?

    I was at the Wal-Mart yesterday and I know from the manager that December 31st is their last day – I’d been under the impression they were closing end of November.

  • jason

    The Walmart grocery that’s closing at Audelia & Walnut Hill would be a nice spot for a Trader Joe’s, who the article says is also owned by Aldi. LHTC would be fine too.

  • LHer

    Yikes. Not the best intersection. Sadly I’m not sure I will be shopping there for safety purposes. Wish they were coming to Audelia and Walnut Hill!